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Proactol Ingredients



What does Proactol contain?


Proactol is a 100% organic product which contains a natural plant extract called Opuntia ficus-indica fiber, also known as Prickly Pear extract to you and me.


This ingredient has shown in many studies to naturally bind fat molecules together. The result is a whopping 28% of dietary fat intake is stopped from being absorbed by your body.


This undigested fat is simply passed out as solid waste with normal bowel movements. This is completely safe, and unlike the effects of some fat binders which block fat instead of binding it, Proactol will not cause any embarrasing moments!



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Is Proactol safe?


Proactol is not a drug based weight loss aid, and only contains 100% natural ingredients. Proactol has been deemed safe for long term use.


Full list of Proactol ingredients -


 Opuntia ficus-indica fiber complex
 Microcry stalline cellulose
 Calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate
 Magnesium stearate


More about the Prickly Pear plant


The Prickly Pear is actually a type of cacti, and is most commonly found growing wild in the central and western regions of Mexico. Also known as the “Indian fig”, Opuntia ficus-indica has shown to be effective in both binding fat molecules and slowing down the speed of digestion.


This effect can leave you feeling fuller for much longer, and can dramatically lower your total daily calorie intake.


Proactol has been medically proven to help you lose weight, and has been the subject of rigorous EU testing by leading health officials. Proactol is proud to carry the Medical Device Directive (MDD) certification for an effective weight loss management tool.


Is Proactol suitable for vegetarians?


Yes. Unlike many other diet pills, Proactol is suitable for vegetarians and contains no gelatine or other animal ingredients.


Need an answer to a question?


If there is anything you are unsure of, or have any more questions, you can give Proactol a call using the correct number below. Please ensure you have your unique customer code ready which can be found below.




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